What Should Every Man Have in His Beard Care Kit?

If you have decided to wear a bear, no matter what the type is, you need to make sure that it is given proper care. Unless you would like to be mistaken for a goon or are preparing for a particular role in a stage play or a movie (which is a very uncommon thing to happen), you would want to have a properly trimmed beard on a fresh-looking face. But not only will it be unwise to go to the salon every time you need to do your facial hygiene or beard trimming routine, it will almost be impossible to do so. To make sure you can do your usual face and your beard care routine, it is best that you keep a beard care kit handy. But what should every man have in his beard care kit? Read on to know more.

Beard Care Products

Beard Care Kit

Beard oil

One of the most essential beard care products that you need to have is a beard oil. Keeping your beard soft and hydrated downright easy when you have one, such as a jojoba oil applied regularly on your facial hair. This oil will help nourish your beard, as well as the skin under it. The beard oil also helps replenish the natural and beneficial oil that gets removed when you wash your beard.

Beard balm and wax

Hard to control beard can be easily tamed with one of the best beard balm or beard wax. Remember, however, that whatever product that might have worked with your friend might not do the same favor to you. So, you need to make sure that you know much about the product that you are considering to use before actually buying one. You can also head over to blogs that review beard care products, such as this one, or check out product descriptions on the seller or manufacturer’s site for additional information about the product, and, possibly, some reviews from other users of the product.

Product choice may also depend on the buyer’s personal preference, you if you are looking for an alternative or just checking how a particular product will work, do yourself a favor by double-checking product labels and reviewing what others have to say about it.

For longer beard or a mustache, you may want to consider using a mustache wax as well. There are thin creams that provide a natural look and also heavy-duty mustache waxes that offer a great hold but won’t make your beard stiff. So, take note of experts and other users’ recommendation as these will give you a better idea on how the product really works.

Beard wash

The hair on your face needs a different wash than those hairs on your head or on other parts of your body, that is why there is a specific product made for such purpose. You don’t want your face to feel tight or hard, right? Then, you will need the right beard wash to do the job. It won’t just give your beard that clean feeling, it also leaves a light scent that can add to your overall appeal.

Beard Conditioner

Just like the hair on your head, your facial hair will also benefit from using the right beard conditioner. Applying beard conditioner will add softness and shine to your facial hair. This an important thing to do especially when the temperature is exceptionally fierce (during the cold months) when the hair on your face can easily dry up. Use one that can give you that fresh, clean feeling without the dryness.

Beard Care Tools

To maintain a great looking beard, you will also need to make sure that you have these tools.


You may need to have these combs in your beard care kit to do specific jobs that a single comb might not be able to do appropriately: comb for the beard, comb for the mustache, and comb for the head hair.


Your facial hair needs to be cut regularly to its proper length and shape to maintain its decent look, so you will need the right pair of scissors to do that. You can also use this to ship off unwanted facial hairs.

Beard trimmer

Short beards will benefit the most with a beard trimmer. Keep one in your beard care kit.

Electric razor

You may need an electric razor to keep your neck and cheek lines free from unwanted hairs. You can use one after using your scissors and trimmer to give yourself a smooth shave whenever you need one.

Shaving brush

A shaving brush will come in handy for occasional exfoliation or when your beard had grown longer.

So, there you have it the tools and products that will make your beard care routine worry-free.