Personal Training and attention in a group atmosphere.

Semi-private personal training is perfect for those who enjoy working out with others and still have the personalized attention of a coach. Our semi-private personal training program begins with an assessment of functional movement screens to allow us to develop a completely customized fitness program for you. Each program we create is developed specifically for you based off your goals and these movement screens.

Our semi-private personal training groups are 45 minutes in length and have no more than 5 participants per coach. This allows for the personal attention and coaching of proper technique while still training with other members just like you.

The benefits of semi-private personal training are endless! Whether you want to lose weight, build endurance or increase your metabolism, we will help you get there the right way! All workouts are balanced and completely tailored for you to avoid potential for over training or injury. Every session focuses on flexibility, balance and core as well as specific strength movements to help you gain lean muscle and ignite your metabolism for burning unwanted fat.

Semi-private personal training at Body Unique is an experience like no other! You’ll train with a group of people that will become your support team as well! Whether you are using semi- private personal training as your primary exercise option or supplementing it with our personal training or essentials programs you will have an outstanding workout that is customized, safe, fun and proven to get great results!