Experience a customized program specific to your needs and the way your body moves.

During your experience at Body Unique in Park Slope, you will be surrounded by supportive and dedicated fitness experts that are focused on helping you achieve any fitness goal you may have.  Working with a Body Unique personal trainer you will train your body to function more efficiently in your day to day and leisure activities and have fun doing it.  All fitness programs are tailored specifically for you based on your medical history, interest and ability level.  We take the guess work out of fitness and will develop a customized plan for you to get the results you are looking for.

Each individualized fitness program addresses any muscle imbalances and movement deficiencies that are found during your assessment. By the use of customized corrective exercise protocols and flexibility strategies, we will work to help counter the repetitive movement stresses of your daily life (i.e sitting at your desk). This will keep your body aligned with better posture, allowing for your muscles to work the way they were meant to, while ultimately providing less stress on your joints and the muscles that move them.  The idea behind this is that if your body moves better you will be able to target muscles and work your problem areas more efficiently, building more lean muscle and torching fat. Your trainer will also help you with nutritional guidelines and keep you accountable to your goals with regular check-ins.  You’ll experience a unique transformation both physically and mentally while increasing endurance, igniting your metabolism and improving your balance and coordination.