Keeping It Real with Your Fitness Routine

fitness-routineExercise comes in all shapes and sizes. Sports, games, dance, weighlifting, cardio classes are a few examples and all have variations like in door or out door, competitive vs. recreational, big box gym vs specialized training studio vs. home workouts and DVD’s. The possibilities are endless and so are the potential reasons for not doing it. The consistent theme with all of the examples I just listed is the decision to get up and move, exert yourself take a step towards whatever goal you may have. Without taking an actionable step its simply a thought, an idea , a dream. This whole fitness thing is a science but not rocket science, all you need to do is set a goal and try and you are half way there. Every minute you procrastinate or think about the perfect plan to getting healthier is a loss of an opportunity for you to look, feel or perform better. Getting adequate sleep, investing in good quality foods and supplements, cooking for yourself, hiring experts and investing in tools to help you are some ways you can stay on track.

Some tools we recommend are foam rollers to help tone done the muscles that need to be relaxed and heart rate monitors to truly customize your workouts based off of your heart rate. One great benefit of the foam roller is that it helps with soreness and circulation post workout which means you won’t get as sore and recover faster. Both tools allow you to continue to improve and provide you with an edge you can’t find with any other tool. We recently brought in the MyZone heart rate technology to Body Unique and its just kicked our programs into high gear. Its made our already smart training programs super smart; like Einstein smart or like Reed on Criminal Minds, Steve Urkel, Doogie Howser, Sheldon Cooper or Mr. Spok. You follow me? ha It forces you to be honest with yourself with both exertion and rest periods. Your incentivized to work harder to burn more calories and build MyZone points to compete for grand prizes. Do you need these tools? No. Should you use them? Hell YES! Why not give yourself the best chance to succeed?

At Body Unique we pride ourselves in taking the guess work out of exercise and help map out exactly what you need to do to work towards your goals. During our Free Strategy Session we map out what exercise program will be best for you, give  nutritional recommendations and help guide you through the world of supplements.