Our coaching team is comprised of bright, fun, personable leaders who want you to be successful in getting healthy and achieving greater levels of happiness.  Our team can work with everyone — from those recovering from injury, to those training for competition, to those wanting to lose weight.

Brian Flynn, Owner

 Brian made his way to the fitness industry after a brief, unfulfilling stint working in corporate America. He has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and loving every second of it! “When sitting down to create the concept of Body Unique I wanted to take a different approach to fitness.  Something fresh and new that the services, complement each other and are not only safe, fun but completely specific to each participant. A type of approach that not only completely customizes your unique fitness program but wow’s its members with an amazing customer experience, unlike anything else available in Brooklyn.”   So with that, Body Unique was born with the vision of fostering an environment where members can get fit with a very specific exercise regimen right next to people with different backgrounds and goals while having a blast doing it.

He has worked with clients ranging from celebrities to children and focuses on the individuality of each person and meeting them where they need to be met. He is a diehard Giants fan, loves anything beach related, cheesy most of the time, self-proclaimed knucklehead , big time fitness geek and proud parent and complete workaholic.

Kevin Chiu, Fitness Coach

Kevin grew up skiing and hiking the mountains of  Vermont.  His love for fitness began in high school when he started to play rugby and fell in love.   Kevin graduated with a B.A. in Developmental Psychology, working four years as a social worker.  During that time he discovered the rewarding benefits of helping at-risk youth improve their health and fitness.  Kevin found that the children greatly increased their quality of life with better eating habits and healthier life styles.

Recently moving to New York Kevin became a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM.  He has had the pleasure to work with all age groups as well as pre-post injury, pregnant, and elderly populations.  He is a firm believer that fitness is a lifestyle, it should enhance life and be fun!  Kevin enjoys running mud/adventure races and has participated in various 5k and 10k races.  He loves finding new and fun ways to challenge his body.  His passion is helping people not just reach their fitness goals but live a happier and healthier life.