3 Alternatives to Morning Coffee

I am not taking away your morning coffee.  Take a deep breath and put the pitchfork and torch down.  I am however going to tell you of three ways you can be more alert and awake in the mornings.




Have an apple, a cup of yogurt, or some hard-boiled eggs.  Try setting aside 1 to 2 minutes the night before and set something healthy aside for you in the morning.  This is so when you wake up you wont have to make anything, it will be right there ready for you.

  • 3 minute breathing drill

Count each breath in allowing your ribs to expand and your belly to fill, with each exhale attempt to expel all the air out of your lungs, engaging your core. Once you get to ten, start over. Concentrate on slow controlled breath.

  • Foam roll

Give yourself some good old TLC after you wake up.  Self Myofasical Release (fancy term for foam rolling) is a great way in the morning to get your heart rate up and increase blood flow.


I enjoy my morning coffee as much as the next guy, but coffee should be enjoyed and savored as a morning treat.  Not as a crutch to assist in getting through the morning.