This program is a great supplement and complement to our semi-private and one on one training programs. Each session is 30 minutes, so you are able to get in, work hard and tackle the rest of your day. Gone are the days of setting goals and doing endless cardio and not seeming to get anywhere. In each class you will learn proper technique while burning tons of calories and igniting your metabolism.

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After Burn

These classes will burn calories, crank up your metabolism and give you the cardiovascular benefits you are looking for. Interval based cardio strength training has been proven to be the most effective for torching fat and we decided to kick it up a notch to accelerate your results!

At Body Unique we pride our self in the fact that you won’t see rows of machines here or let alone boring cardio machines. Those are the worst right? Instead, we stand behind a more effective, dynamic and fun way to do cardio. Your inner child and athlete will show itself here while we make cardio fun again for you. We take an interval based approach in our After Burn class, which has been proven to ignite fat burning and have you moving the way your body was meant to move.

You will be moving in all planes of motion using the best piece of equipment available today, your body weight! We then add in some cutting edge toys like TRX, ropes, ViPR, kettle bells and medicine balls to keep it interesting and we have a recipe for a high energy and highly functional training class. Come experience what real cardio feels like today!





Strength- Intermediate to Advanced

In this group you will focus on lean muscle building through strength training by the use of complexes, circuits and density training.  You will be perfecting body weight movements, working with kettlebells, dumbbells, Sandbags and host of other tools designed to help you get lean rapidly in a safe environment. Come in ready to work hard, you most certainly will! This group was designed to be the muscle building yin to the After Burns cardiovascular yang.


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