A customized program specific to your needs and the way your body moves.

Experience a truly unique, full service, all access, concierge type of personal training that very few in the city have access to. This program is for the individual that wants a specific training program to get them moving, feeling and looking better while having exclusive access to motivational and mindset check-ins with our team. During your experience at Body Unique in Park Slope, you will be surrounded by supportive and dedicated fitness experts that are focused on helping you achieve any fitness goal you may have.  Working with a Body Unique personal trainer you will train your body to function more efficiently in your day to day and leisure activities and have fun doing it.  All fitness programs are tailored specifically for you based on your medical history, interest and ability level.  We take the guess work out of fitness and will develop a customized plan for you to get the results you are looking for.

Each individualized fitness program will get your body functioning optimally and at its highest possible level while addressing any potential limitations, nagging aches and pains and muscle imbalances that have been developed during your daily life (i.e sitting at work all day.) You will learn how to keep your body aligned with better posture, allowing for your muscles to work the way they were meant to, while ultimately providing less stress on your joints and the muscles that move them.  The idea behind this is that if your body moves better you will be able to target muscles and work your problem areas more efficiently, building more lean muscle and torching fat. You will be provided with access to nutritional guidelines and nutrition programs and keep you accountable to your goals with regular check-ins.  You’ll experience a unique transformation both physically and mentally while increasing endurance, igniting your metabolism and improving your balance and coordination.

Who is this program for?

Anyone new to exercise, youth or adult. Anyone that wants to get an edge on the competition with a specific performance related program. Anyone that wants one on one attention learning and understanding how our fitness system works. Anyone that thinks they need additional attention with their training, flexibility or nutrition. Anyone that needs more focused motivational and accountability attention. Anyone that appreciates customization. Anyone that wants to learn a new lift or skill.  Anyone coming off of an injury. Anyone that is currently under the care of a doctor or physical therapist for an injury or neurological disorder. Senior citizens that want to work on an effective training regime to help increase bone density.


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